4 Key Questions To Ask Yourself

When setting up a business there are four key questions you must ask yourself.  If you are already in business, it doesn’t hurt to ask yourself these four key questions regularly.

  1. Who do I serve?
  1. What major problem do I solve for those people?
  1. What is that result worth to them? What might they pay for that result?
  1. How can I get in front of enough of those people and what result or outcome can I offer them immediately, so that they get to know, like and trust me?

There you go!  

A business in a box.  That’ll be £12,000 please.

No, joking aside, if I were to answer those questions it would look like this:

I serve authors, experts, speakers, consultants and extraordinary entrepreneurs.

I help them find the hidden online gold in their business, income that they are probably overlooking right now. 

Judging by the results of some of my previous clients, that’s worth hundreds of thousands of pounds or dollars, and for some it will be millions, over the years.  Increased turnover and profits can also be quite quick if they already have a proven product or service, a mailing list of customers or a large, engaged, social media audience.

I could charge a percentage of increased income for my ideas and support (some do) but it’s complicated,  unwieldy and impossible to monitor, so I just charge between £1000 - 2000 a month, depending on the amount of personal, ongoing access to my brainpower they need.  That's less than you'll pay a decent office admin assistant, by the way.

How do I get in front of my ideal client?  They usually come by referral, but it's usually from someone who comes across my content and subscribes for a while. As I enjoy blogging, podcasting, speaking in public and creating videos the most, I do those things and share them on social media.  

I offer several free gifts on my website so that potential customers get a flavour for working with me, they can also buy a low cost item like one of my books, or a one-off consultancy session.  

Because these people are impatient action takers, rather than playing online games, I make it easy for them to email me or book into my online diary for a quick chat at any time, to find out more.

Now, lets talk about you and your answers to those four key questions!

Photo by N. on Unsplash


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