How To Put A "Profit Rocket" Under Your Business Marketing Online (In Under 6 Weeks)

Hello!  My name is Nicola Cairncross and I've been creating online businesses (and marketing my own "real world" businesses online) for the last 22+ years.  I've also mentored hundreds of other people to do the same with some amazing results.

I can show you how to "Be Everywhere Online (In Under 20 Minutes A Week)" if you have a real-world business OR help you build a profitable online business, even if you have never been in business before.  

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    What's Included In Your Membership

    The Clicks & Leads Academy community  offers constantly updated video trainings, specific & personal marketing support from Nicola Cairncross and honest. constructive feedback from Nicola and your fellow members.

    “Nicola helped me create a large sum of money out of a miscellaneous assortment of previous materials and an old mailing list; we launched a new coaching programme and business in about 3 weeks flat, along with an evergreen marketing system, a strong social media presence, a brand new membership site and two new coaching programmes. She knew who to use, which software to work with, it was a fast, painless job.  I’m so delighted, I offered her a share of the business going forwards and I knew I can leave her to it, while concentrating on the bits I’m good at; speaking, writing and coaching.  

    Chris Barrow, / Survivor, Series 1, “The Island With Bear Grylls”

    From Solopreneur To Multi-Million SME's 

    Nicola is accustomed to working with all sizes of business; from an expert consultant taking their business online for the first time to businesses turning over millions.  She's even advised a private bank! You can learn from successful marketing strategies from many market sectors and different kinds of business owners.

    Decisions Based On Facts Not Opinions!

    We don't rely on opinions in the Clicks & Leads Academy, we'll encourage you to make all your business decisions based on cold hard facts!  If you don't know your business facts, we'll help you uncover them and learn from them, so you are never left guessing again!  Make better business decisions always.

    A Word From Nicola

    “I have loved the internet since I first got online in 1995 - it's like a window to the world where you can create digital strategies that suit your business, stop guessing, while starting to measure your online business’s performance. I want to share my knowledge and 22+ years online experience with you to help your business reach it's fullest profit potential