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You'll discover what's keeping your ideal client or customer up at night, how to get your business or service in front of them, quickly, easily & inexpensively. This will help you make more sales, boost your profits and buy you more time!

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'dodge' woodall

founder 'Bournemouth 7s' & eventful lives podcast

Welcome! I'm Nicola Cairncross & for over 25 years I've been helping authors, experts, speakers & aspiring entrepreneurs get started in business and then find the hidden gold online.

Are you an expert?  An author? A speaker?  Perhaps you are the trainer or consultant that people call on when they want the very best person to teach them something specific?

Well, that's great, but it does mean that you are constantly starting from scratch, looking for gigs, constantly trading time for money. You probably don't have control over your fees and if you stop working, the money stops as well. 

I have some good news.  In short, for over 25 years now, I've been helping experts, authors, speakers, specialists, consultants and trainers find the hidden gold in their business online.

Together we'll create an business to love with automated online marketing systems that almost effortlessly attract your ideal client and create extra streams of income from your expertise,  See the testimonial videos above.

I can help you to solve knotty problems, think straight, make better decisions, grow your impact, enable you to make more money and keep MUCH more money and enjoy your ideal life.

But it's even bigger than that.

Let me guide you to build a business to love and a legacy that reflects your deepest aspirations, supporting you in a journey not just of success, but of significance.

In short, I'll show you how to be 'A Better Entrepreneur' the title of my latest book and my mission in life

This book is MY legacy, telling the story of how I had the dream to build an online business, how I succeeded and failed, then succeeded again, helping many other business owners, before facing the biggest test of my life so far.

You might also want to consider booking a short 'Triage' call to discuss your particular expertise or specialty, to see if we might be a fit to work together.

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