You Can't Be A Success,
And A Secret.

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Welcome!  Tell me, could your business use more sales? Of course it could!

But you can't be a success AND a secret.

I help 'big picture' thinkers like authors, experts, creatives and extraordinary entrepreneurs - just like you - start to attract your ideal customers or clients by creating an easy, enjoyable, proven marketing system.  Where you'll do ONLY the bits that only YOU can do and automate the rest. Sounds good, right?

With over 25 years of digital marketing experience working with business owners in many different sectors, I know I can help your business make more sales. Have a look around or simply book an appointment to talk to me

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'The Money Gym is an outstanding book on how to become independently wealthy & financially free in 4 different main areas of wealth creation. You should not start a business or invest in anything until you have read this book & then apply the incredible knowledge that Nicola Cairncross shares.

I have been a business mentor for a number of years & I would insist that anyone I work with read this book before starting on the adventure of entrepreneurship.

This is success know-how on a whole other level that anyone can follow that is delivered in a humorous, plainspoken down to earth style for the everyday person.'

yvette ryan, amazon review uk

The 'Mindset Marketing & Money book is an account of a number of powerful interviews. The strength is - it tells it like it is. The weakness is - it tells it like it is! 

margaret, verified amazon customer uk

What I enjoyed most about 'Mindset Marketing & Money' were the stories and examples that crop up so naturally as part of an interesting conversation. There are lessons and insights that we can all learn from if we take the time and effort to do so. 

susan W, Verified amazon review

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'Talking to Nicola regularly has created millions of YouTube views, not to mention millions of dollars worth of business for me'.  Neil Asher, Founder of 

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